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The Expo

Participation Profile

  • · Coal & Mineral Mining: Surface Mining, Underground Mining, Mineral Exploration

  • · Coal Bulk Consumers: Power Plants, Steel Plants, Cement Factories

  • · Coal Carrier Truck Manufacturers: Heavy Duty Trucks, Specialized Coal Transport Vehicles, Maintenance Services

  • · Coal Import & Export Logistics: International Freight Forwarders, Customs Brokers, Import/Export Compliance

  • · Coal Loading and Handling Equipment & Rental Services: Loading Conveyors, Handling Cranes, Rental Solutions

  • · Coal Logistics & Supply Chain: End-to-End Logistics Providers, Supply Chain Optimization

  • · Coal Silos / Storage Manufacturers: Silo Design & Construction, Storage Solutions, Maintenance Services

  • · Coal Terminals Operators & Coal Barge: Terminal Operations, Barge Transportation, Storage & Transshipment

  • · Coal Trading Companies: Domestic Trading, International Trading, Market Analysis

  • · Coal Washeries & Crushing Equipment: Washery Equipment Suppliers, Crushing Equipment Manufacturers, Maintenance and Upgradation Services

  • · Conveyor Belts: Conveyor Belt Manufacturers, Belt Maintenance Services, Custom Conveyor Solutions

  • · Coal Shipping and Charterer Service Providers: Bulk Shipping Services, Charterer Brokers, Maritime Logistics

  • · Fire Protection & Fire Fighting Systems: Fire Detection Systems, Fire Suppression Solutions, Emergency Response Equipment

  • · Fuel & Lubricants: Coal-Specific Fuels, Industrial Lubricants, Maintenance Products

  • · Government Departments & Ministries: Energy Departments, Mineral Resources Ministries, Environmental Agencies

  • · Health, Safety & Environment Consulting Services: Safety Audits, Environmental Impact Assessments, Compliance Consulting

  • ·  IT Software, SAAS, AI, GPRS, CCTV, Surveillance Companies: Industrial Software Solutions, Surveillance Systems, AI and Data Analytics

  • · Mines and Mineral Departments & Ministries: Regulatory Bodies, Policy Makers, Industry Standards

  • · Port Authorities, Private Ports, Shipyards: Port Management, Private Port Services, Shipyard Operations

  • · Power Producers: Coal-Fired Power Plants, Renewable Energy Integration, Energy Management Solutions

  • · Railways: Freight Rail Services, Coal Transportation Rail Infrastructure, Transport Logistics

  • · Shipping Companies: Bulk Carrier Services, International Shipping Lines, Maritime Logistics

  • ·  Slurry Pipeline, Pumps & Equipment: Pipeline Manufacturers, Pump Suppliers, Maintenance Services

  • · Tyres, Accessories Supplies & Maintenance: Industrial Tyres, Accessories for Heavy Machinery, Maintenance Services

  • · Blasting Equipment, Drilling & Explosives: Blasting Solutions, Drilling Equipment Manufacturers, Explosives Suppliers

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