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Indian Coal Industry

Coal is and has been the main stay of India’s Energy Super structure in as much as it meets about 55% of Primary Energy needs of the Country and it fuels close to 75% of Power Generation. Apart from Power, Iron and Steel, Ferro Alloys, Aluminum, Cement, Refractories, Textiles and Chemical Industries are among the major users of Coal.
India’s dependence on Coal is only logical since Coal is the only Fossil Fuel with which India is richly endowed - the Coal Resource being of the order of 350 billion tons. On the other hand, Natural Gas and Petroleum resources are rather small.  In matters of Coal however, our resource base of metallurgical coal. While the resource itself is small the quality of whatever is available is not of very high grade. 
We are the second-largest coal producer globally and most of the coal produced in India is consumed for generating electricity.  In 2020, the country produced approximately 743 MT of coal and the actual tonnage consumed for power generation was 690 MT.
Coal, however, has been established as a major contributor to global warming and the entire international community have decided to de-carbonize the economy and achieve Net-Zero Carbon status. India, as a responsible global citizen has launched a major campaign for shifting Power Generation from Coal to Renewables and we are working on building a Renewables capacity of 500 GW by 2030. It is also estimated that Coal consumption in India will reach a peak by 2040 – 2050 at 2 billion Tons per annum compared to approximately 1 billion Tons that we are consuming now. But all that will happen is that the Coal based Power will go down from the current 75% to 30%-35% but in absolute terms the quantity of Coal consumed on power generation would be much higher than what it is today.

About Coal Log India 2024

CLI 2024 with the theme “Modernisation of Coal Supply Chain”, will aim at addressing the current issues and priorities related to the use of Coal while moving ahead to achieve Modernisation of Coal Supply Chain. This event will be a well-planned high calibre conference covering Clean Coal Technology, Supply Chain Solutions and a scientific approach to “phase down coal” and not to “phase it out”.
The Event has been planned to bring together multiple Stakeholders-Mining Companies, Captive/ Commercial Coal Block Operators, Power Companies, Bulk Coal Consumers, Coal Carriers, State Mining and Mineral Departments, State Electricity Generation and Distribution Companies, Solution providers and Regulators of Coal & Energy Industry. We will have close to 20 top-notch Speakers who will deliberate not only the down-stream factors but also deal with up-stream influences affecting NZE and Supply Chain problems in Coal Sector, Government Policies, Future Plans, Safety and Technology.

Coal Transportation
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