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Indian Coal Industry

India is mostly self-sufficient in coal is now world’s second largest coal producer and coal importer in the world. Producing the tenth of the world’s coal, the energy demand in India will be the largest in the world in next 20 years.  Since the Coal-fired plants generate 70% of India’s electricity which is responsible for two-third of India’s coal consumption, the solid fuel source remains integral to India’s economy in the next couple of decades and it is also projected to remain the largest single source of electricity in India by 2040.   

Coal is a main source energy in industries like Thermal Power Generation, Iron & Steel, Ferro-Alloys, Aluminium, Cement, various types of Refractories and Chemicals plants etc. Coal can be freely imported by the consumers themselves as per their needs based on their commercial prudence. Coking Coal is being imported by major Steel manufacturing units mainly to bridge the gap between the requirement and indigenous availability and to improve the quality. Manor importers of Coal includes power plants, cement plants, captive power and sponge iron plants.

Coal Transportation

Coal is transported internationally and nationally majorly by Railways, Highway Trucks, Barges, Conveyors, Slurry pipelines, and Ships. Creating transport infrastructures and managing logistics to transport coal from point of origin to consumption centers are major challenges for sustainable development of coal market. The Coal Transportation from the coal mines starting from loaders, dumpers conveyors, pipelines, railways, trucks on highways, shipped by professional transportation companies to the final destination of Power plants, Iron, Steel or Cement plants make its cost different depends on the methods, multi-mode transportation, the distance, and selected route.

Coal Log India

With the theme “One Billion Tons – Logistical Challenges”, COAL LOG INDIA 2021, aims at addressing the current issues and priorities of the Coal & Mining Logistics and Supply Chain Sector in India. This event will be an exciting amalgamation of a high calibre Conference Programme, New age logistics and supply chain solutions on display, recognizing the innovative Products and Services.


The Event has been planned to bring together multiple stakeholders-Mining Companies, Captive/ Commercial Coal Block Operators, Bulk Coal Consumers, Coal Carriers by Road, Sea, Rail etc, State Mining and Mineral Departments, State Electricity Generation and Distribution Companies, Solution providers and Regulators of Coal Industry, we  will have  close to 25 top -notch speakers who will  deliberate not only the down-stream factors but also deal with up-stream influences affecting Logistic and Supply Chain problems in Coal Sector, Government Policies, Railways, Future Plans, Safety and Increased use of Technology.