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  • Access to next generation technologies across Coal Supply Chain

  • Coal industry global and India outlook in 2021

  • COVID-19 Impact in Coal Transportation and Supply Chain

  • Opportunities generated through Coal Logistics

  • Coal Logistics: Balancing port capacity with reducing imports, International freight trend & outlook,

  • Indian Railways: Revamping coal transportation amidst challenges (new projects facing problems, how do railways plans to improve linkages)

  • Scope for including inland water- ways in coal transportation, Coastal coal consumers: how can inland coal transportation support?

  • Pipelines – The most potential competitors for coal traffic in volumes.

  • Application of GPS in Coal Logistics Industry

  • Environment friendly Coal Transportation

  • Environmental impacts of coal transport occur during loading, en route, or during unloading

Speaking Opportunity

CLI Conference will distil the latest research and experience into practical, applicable advice to help attendees master their roles, leverage disruption and transform their businesses. CLI Conference is all about the newest ideas, the latest solutions, unparalleled connections and the brightest minds in the business. We strongly value diversity, and welcome speaking ideas from varying backgrounds, experiences and traditionally underrepresented identities.
Speaking at this premier event is an opportunity to stand in front of decision makers & industry leaders Coal Logistics & Supply Chain sector. Share your corporate and personal experience and highlight your work in the industry, share your market knowledge and connect with commercial and technical executives.
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